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The Spanish “Bad Bank”

The creation the Spanish “banco malo” or “Bad Bank” is imminent. The Spanish government sees it as the solution to the problem of stabilising its banking system. But what is the Bad Bank and how will it effect the Spanish property market? Spain has been desperately trying to avoid following Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus […]

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The state of the Barcelona real estate market

Barcelona Prime At Barcelona Prime we are specialists in the Barcelona real estate market. We provide property services to investors and individuals interested in purchasing in Barcelona and the surrounding area and also enjoy close links to other prime real estate markets in Spain. We offer the following benefits: Safe, transparent access to High Quality Investment […]

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Buying property in Spain: The legal steps

The legal steps involved in buying property in Spain. Once you decide which property to buy, the process should be as follows: “Nota simple informativa” The first step is to order a “Nota Simple Informativo” from the Land Registry.  This document contains information about the legal situation of a property, such as any charges that may […]

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